Third generation Lynden merchant to bring TWU vision to US

Langley, BC—When Ron and Karen Hendricks decided to begin a new chapter in their life, a decision that obliged them to close their New Crescent clothing store, they weren’t sure where their new adventure would lead them. And though his new position as the US development representative for TWU will take them up and down the west coast, Ron and Karen are excited to remain residents of the Lynden community. Hendricks, who began working at New Crescent in 1970, eventually taking over sole ownership of the third generation family business, will begin officially with TWU on April 23.

Soon after announcing the closing New Crescent, Hendricks received a phone call from Ron Paulson, director of TWU’s US foundation. Paulson had read about the closing of the store in the January 10 issue of the Lynden Tribune and thought that Hendricks might be a good fit for the new US development position with TWU. And as Hendricks continued to talk with Paulson and others from TWU, he realized quickly that the things he cares deeply about fit perfectly with the mission of TWU.

“As we’ve learned more about TWU, we’ve been blown away by the mission of the University—the great dedication to building godly leaders,” says Hendricks. "TWU’s mission connects closely with our priorities, particularly in the area of leadership. It is amazing that it’s such a good fit.”

Hendricks looks forward to meeting with the growing number of supporters in the US, and believes that Trinity Western’s faith-based education is key for producing a new generation of effective leaders.

“There’s a whole group of people here in Washington and across the US who have a love for Christian education, where the foundation is biblical teaching,” says Hendricks. “I expect that this will be true on a corporate level too, where business leaders will see the benefits of a Christian education and the kind of leaders it produces. Business people know that they won’t keep working forever, and they know there is a need for good leaders for the future. I think it’s significant that about one third of TWU’s first year students this year are American – it seems clear that people from the US are seeing this need fulfilled at TWU.”

Doris Olafsen, TWU’s vice-president for development, is excited to have Hendricks represent the University in the US, especially with such initiatives in process as the new School of Business. Olafsen is confident that Hendricks, with his experience as a successful business owner, understands the needs of current and new Trinity Western supporters in the US.

“Ron is very focused on servant leadership; he is a lifetime Washington resident and a successful businessman. This enables him to have insight into the needs of the people and corporations he will be serving and communicating with,” says Olafsen. “At TWU we have a sense and respond mentality that we take to the marketplace. Ron has this mentality and will deliver the powerful vision of TWU as only a fellow American could. He has the opportunity to develop a model that we will eventually transplant across the US.”

While Hendricks is a clear fit for leading TWU’s fundraising efforts in Washington and along the west coast of the US, the new position also fits perfectly with his vision for he and his wife in their new chapter of life.

"Our goal is to spend as much time together, and this opportunity with TWU will allow us to do that,” says Hendricks. “We will remain Lynden residents--which we are excited about. I will have an office in my home, and Karen and I will travel about 50% of the time. We will be in Washington and Oregon for the most part, focusing on the west coast of the US, and potentially visiting Trinity Western supporters in California also.”

Trinity Western University, located in Langley, B.C., is a privately funded Christian liberal arts university enrolling 2,850 students this year. With a broad-based, liberal arts and sciences curriculum, the University offers undergraduate degrees in 34 major areas ranging from business, education and computer science to biology and nursing, and 12 graduate degrees including counselling psychology, theology and administrative leadership

Last Updated: 2012-08-21
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