TWU produces new video series to equip Christians to effectively reach their culture

Langley, British Columbia—Trinity Western University has produced a new video series to help equip Christians to meaningfully engage their culture. The series, called The Daniel Strategy, is inspired by the Old Testament example of Daniel and includes interviews capturing various views on truth and meaning from people in cities across Canada. In response, Christian scholars, leaders and pastors discuss meaningful ways of responding to people with diverse views and beliefs.

“Our culture has shifted in a direction where people now base truth on personal opinion rather than objective reality,” says Tanya Steinhilber, a TWU communications graduate and member of the production team. “Many of the people we talked with believe that there can be many forms of truth, and that people must define truth for themselves.”

Steinhilber, founder and director of an urban street-drama evangelism ministry called DRIME, based out of Trinity Western, has seen the shifting trend first-hand while leading her team to cities across Canada, the United States and in Europe and South America. “This shift forces us to re-think evangelism,” says Steinhilber. “It’s prompted us to find new ways to effectively reach our culture.”

Steinhilber is one of five interns in the president’s office at TWU who have directed the video project. While the team realizes that there are no easy answers, they want to help Christians respond to those who believe, as one interviewee stated, that “it’s not so important what you believe in, so much as that it’s important that you do believe.”

“We are not offering three easy steps to successful evangelism,” says TWU psychology graduate and intern Bob Youssef. “Instead, we want to offer a resource to Christians that will foster better understanding of how to engage our culture on a meaningful level. Hopefully, people who use the series will gain a better perspective on how to meet people where they are and to speak the story of Christ."

The idea for The Daniel Strategy series developed during TWU’s stand for religious freedom in the Supreme Court of Canada. The pending court case, based on the B.C. College of Teachers’ disagreement with TWU’s biblical beliefs, went to the Supreme Court on November 9, 2000. In the fall of 2000, during a cross-Canada trip uniting Christians in prayer for Trinity Western’s stand to uphold biblical beliefs, the interns and members of TWU’s community were encouraged by the story of Daniel.

“Daniel stood tall in his faith within Babylon’s culture,” reflects Steinhilber. “He didn’t apologize for his faith, and God used him as a leader within that culture—as an authentic leader who understood his culture.”

The video series has a wide range of application for pastors, congregations, small groups, youth and anyone who is seeking to learn how to effectively reach today’s culture. The Daniel Strategy video series will be available in May, 2001. For more information contact Doreen Demers at (604) 888-7511 ext. 3329 or by e-mail at

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Last Updated: 2012-08-21
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