BC Minister of Advanced Education tours Trinity Western University.

The tour and meeting which lasted two hours included introductions to a wide cross section of faculty and staff including Dr. Peter Flint of the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute, Dr. Eve Stringham who spoke briefly about her latest research, and some quick “meet and greets” with several other departments on campus including the School of Business, Graduate Collegium, Global Learning Connections and Career Centre.

As part of the Provincial Government's initiative entitled Campus 2020, the BC Minister of Advanced Education is touring and listening to leaders in a wide variety of public and private institutions. The goal is to plan a process that will shape the vision, mission, goals and objectives of B.C.'s post-secondary system for the next 10 to 20 years resulting in B.C. being a world leader in advanced education.

Trinity Western University is one of several institutions that is dialoguing with the province on this initiative.

Says Raymond, “Trinity Western University is a unique institution of higher learning and one that the Province can learn a great deal from. As a not-for-profit, independent and comprehensive university, we have a great opportunity to offer the province of B.C. a significant opportunity to forge new partnerships that will consolidate efforts and enable the achievement of the goals outlined in Campus 2020.”

Besides meeting with faculty, staff and touring the campus, the Minister also met with TWU's University Policy Council which included Raymond, Ron Kuehl, Ken Kush, Dr. Dennis Jameson and Marilyn Crone.

Upon the conclusion of the visit to TWU, Minister Coell commented, “This is my first visit to Trinity Western and it is a beautiful campus. I enjoyed meeting the staff and students who are full of positive energy and I look forward to working with Trinity Western University in the future.”

Trinity Western University, located in Langley, B.C., is a not-for-profit Christian liberal arts and sciences university enrolling approximately 4000 students. TWU offers undergraduate degrees in 39 major areas of study ranging from biotechnology, education, nursing, theatre and music to business, communications and biblical studies. TWU's 15 graduate degrees include such areas as counseling psychology, business, theology, administrative leadership and interdisciplinary studies in English, philosophy and history.

Last Updated: 2007-10-11
Author: Erin Mussolum