No more well water! TWU begins drilling to connect with Township of Langley water supply.

On September 13th construction crews from Directional Drilling began the estimated six week long drilling project to hook the University up with the Township of Langley water supply for the first time in 45 years.

After TWU came under a water advisory last year citing higher than normal amounts of arsenic in the water, TWU's Campus Services not only trucked in water to the campus but also installed 120 reverse osmosis water purifier units throughout the institution to rid the water of the naturally occurring mineral. While this has been a band-aid solution, the need to connect TWU with a stable water supply was required. And the campus community couldn't be happier.

For years students often made remarks about the water, protesting the “heaviness” or “thickness” of it which is due in part to naturally occurring minerals such as zinc and magnesium found in the well water. And besides the unpalatable taste, the high mineral content water had also worn out many pipes throughout the campus which were expensive to repair and increased the workload of many.

Paul Johnston, Director of Campus Services says, “I am very pleased to get this new water hooked up to TWU. There are so many benefits to the campus community. Not only will the taste of the water improve, but it will also be less damaging to our infrastructure. The new water will taste like Langley Township water and be chlorinated.”

Because of TWU's fragile ecosystem, an environmental plan had to be created, reviewed and approved by TWU's Ecosystem Study Area Manager Christopher Hall and the engineers on the project, Urban Systems, before drilling could take place. The mole-like drill penetrates the ground and feeds the metal piping underground as it goes. Drilling has commenced near the Vernon Strombeck Centre and will connect with the township water supply near the intersection of Glover Road and Springbrook Drive. The project is estimated for completion at the end of October.

For more information on the drilling project please contact Paul Johnston, Director of Campus Services at 604-888-7511 ext 2112.

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Last Updated: 2007-10-11
Author: Erin Mussolum