Trinity Western University's IT Department's “Aqueduct” makes finalist for the Microsoft Canada Code Award

If you don't know the lingo, it's okay - the MSDN awards are Microsoft Canada's awards for computer software creation. The creators of this new software platform are none other than Trinity Western University's Strategic Systems Team or SST.

Ryan Hanawalt, Aqueduct's Product Director says, “The SST is excited to have been selected for the final five as a contestant in Canada's Microsoft software product competition. This contest was for people who produced a product that was unique and made a difference to their organization. Aqueduct has been a huge success for the departments who have utilized the system and the SST is excited about assisting other groups on campus.”

Aqueduct is a computer system platform that manages accounts, records, reports and other mission critical information in a centralized and shared environment. Like a control tower, the software manages the flow of information and helps programs easy integrate with each other. It's essentially a Web based tool for the storage and viewing of information.

The SST began work on Aqueduct in July of 2005, completing the development of the software platform in early 2006. It took about six additional months to release the software and the team has been constantly tweaking and adding new systems such as an Admissions CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, a wireless gateway management system and a financial aid system. The SST also gave their creation a name

Ryan Hanawalt, “We named the platform 'Aqueduct' as it conveys an infrastructure that is clear, open and flowing and that is truly the nature of this product.”

The Aqueduct system was also created so that not just TWU could benefit but any academic institution might benefit from the work being invested on behalf of the SST. As of late, Tyndale University has decided to invest with TWU in Aqueduct through the use of the software and will contribute additional staff to help enhance the product.

Says Hanawalt, “The team at Tyndale is quite encouraged in choosing Aqueduct, and feel that after marketplace comparisons this is the best choice for their institution. This is really exciting for us and for TWU as this will open up many doors where other academic institutions can benefit from what we have created.”

For now the SST will have to wait until June to find out whether Aqueduct will be chosen as this years MSDN award winner. But they won't be sitting idle - currently the SST is developing a system for enterprise content management and student registration.

The SST consists of:
Orion Ifland, Student Life
Tim Booker, Admissions
Brian Dejong, Admissions
Gregory Eppel, Financial Aid
Ian Staunton, Academic
William Ovuaku, Enrolment Services
Kent Bergstrom, Finance and Student Services
Stuart Schellenberg, Project Manager
Ryan Hanawalt, Product Director

More information about this contest can be found by going to the following link:

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Last Updated: 2007-12-24
Author: Erin Mussolum