TWU's senior art students share their Tomfoolery with Vancouver.

On April 13th and 14th the graduating students along with special guests will be putting up “Tomfoolery,” a years worth of work on the walls of Vancouver's Pine Street Art Center. But not only do the artists work creatively on their own projects in preparation for the exhibit but they also work collaboratively to put on and host the show.

Doris Auxier, Assistant Professor of Art and Chair at TWU says, “This is a marvelous opportunity for our graduating students. Not only do they get the opportunity to see their artistic efforts over the course of the year come to fruition but they also get up close and personal with the designing and implementation of a professional gallery show in a major Canadian city. The senior class has a rich diversity of students and their work reflects this. Most artwork is made after countless hours spent alone in a studio. The public viewing is a celebration for these students who warmly welcome the public to the viewing of their projects.”

There will definitely be something for everyone at Tomfoolery since the talent and backgrounds of the artists are so varied. Guest artist and former TWU alum, Joshua Barkey's work entitled Naïve (“Evian” spelled backwards) reflects both the historical art world and also the thoughtlessness which comes from modern societal and cultural patterns of consumption.

Senior Art student Grace Kim is exploring the socio/cultural identity issues of Third Culture Kid's (TCK's) through an installation archway made up of human hair. A TCK is a person who hovers between their home culture and the host culture, and as a result, finding the third culture in between. These people have relationships with various cultures, but don't have full ownership to any one culture themselves.

The artwork "represents the journeys taken by all those who dwell in these third cultures," says Kim, who lived in six different countries growing up. "The pieces of hair are a generic representation of identity. TCK's find that their journeys and experiences largely contribute to their unique sense of identity. Their identities are limited neither geographically nor by ethnicity."

For Joel Bentley his senior year has focused on his artful study of masculinity. "You turn on the TV," says Bentley, "you go to the gym, you read a book: everyone has their own idea of what a man should be. I've lost count of the number of masks I've worn, the emotions I've felt, the definitions I've found.

Joel will be showing a collection of photographs against a poem he has written for the show. "I want to reconcile myself with these modern cultural manifestations. In this myriad of expressions I hope to find a unified voice: the innate nature of who I am."

Seth Oglesby, a senior communications student and one of the main organizers of the show says, "Tomfoolery represents several different life perspectives by the students in the class. As much as the Senior Show is a very serious event we also wanted the exhibit to have a sense of playfulness built into it. The title is purposefully ambiguous and very much reliant upon the viewer's perspective. We wanted a theme that would allow for open interpretation of the show and the artwork presented."

This is the second exhibit the TWU Art Department has put on at the Vancouver gallery and will feature work by ten graduating students, two alumni artists and abstract painter Doris Auxier and photographer Mike Rathjen who are both faculty members of the University. Musician Cran and singer/songwriter Derek Fuller will also be performing. Artwork is available for sale.

More information about the Faculty of Professional Studies and Performing Arts and the Art Program can be found by visiting the website at


Event: TWU Senior Art Show entitled: “Tomfoolery”
Date: Friday April 13th and Saturday April 14th
Time: Friday 4:00-11:00pm. Opening reception begins at 8:00pm
Saturday 11:00am-6:00pm
Location: The Art Center, 2nd floor, 2060 Pine Street, Vancouver
Cost: Free to attend. Artwork is available for sale.

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Last Updated: 2007-10-11
Author: Erin Mussolum