TWU acts as back lot for 20th Century Fox.

This is the 5th Dr. Dolittle movie. The original Dr. Dolittle (1998), which starred funny man Eddie Murphy, tells the story of Dr. John Dolittle who suddenly rediscovers his childhood ability to speak and understand animals. As more and more animals hear of his unique gift and seek him out, Dolittle's associates, noticing that he is “talking to himself” more and more, fear he is going insane. Now five movies later the Dr. Dolittle story is still as popular as ever.

The production filmed in at least seven locations across TWU's campus. Buildings were transformed as Freedom Hall housed a comedy club and magic show, the Music Building became a Yoga/Doga Studio (an LA based yoga studio for humans and dogs) and a plastic surgery office, and the Westcoast Collegium was redesigned to be a talent agency office complete with 2 huge flat screen TV's and modern art.

The Board of Governors board room was also “renovated” to resemble a television network executive office complete with a new steel boardroom table and “hollywoodesque” props, while the chemistry lab was transformed into a veterinary science lab at San Francisco University. The production also rented the science department's models, microscopes and some chemistry equipment, and erected a huge 20 x 20 green screen for some pick up shots with a monkey.

Keep your eye out in the movie for the Wellness Centre that was transformed into a veterinarian's office - a pivotal location in the plot of the film.

“This was a great opportunity for Trinity Western University. Not only does it bring in revenue for the institution but it also helps contribute to our exposure. We hope to be involved in more productions of this caliber if it works within our academic and conference schedules,” says Senior Media Relations Specialist Erin Mussolum.

Due out in 2008, Dr. Dolittle Goin' Hollywood was directed by Alex Zamm (Inspector Gadget), written by Steve and Daniel Altiere (The Smoking Gun TV), and produced by John Davis (Daddy Day Camp). It stars Kyla Pratt (Dr. Dolittle 1-5) and Vancouver actors Brandon Jay McLaren (The Best Years) and Tegan Moss (The Bad Son). Among its non-human stars were several dogs, a turtle, a snake, a dove and a young monkey appropriately named “Hollywood,” ah…only in showbiz!

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Last Updated: 2007-10-11
Author: Erin Mussolum