"The Trinity Western University Spartans have a long and vibrant history. One of strength, unity, determination and faithfulness. Our new Spartan logo speaks of that strength, honor and teamwork qualities of every TWU Spartan,” Dr. Raymond – TWU President.

The Spartan name has endured at Trinity Western for 44 years. The TWU Athletics logo however, has gone through a somewhat evolutionary process. The first TWU Spartan logo appeared in the early 70's and began to take shape over the next decade. In the spring of 1986 the athletic teams of the newly named Trinity Western University ordered new uniforms, and with the new uniforms came new team colours to the Spartans. The Spartans would exchange brown and gold for blue, gold and white and with that would see another change to their logo. Bob Lee (TWU '86) and fellow members of the men's basketball team assisted in a revision of the Spartans' logo. They combined the TWU letters with a warrior head to create this new revised logo, which was refined once again in 1988 and then customized into a 3-D version in 1999. The most recent rendering of this logo was finalized in 2005 by TWU's University Communications

For more than 30 years the Spartan logo has been refined. There have been discussions about whether the helmet in the logo was more representative of Troy or Rome than Sparta, whether or not the logo should contain more or less detail and whether or not it was an appropriate logo at all. The many variations eventually began to cause confusion as to which logo was the correct logo for the Spartans. Even the updated 2005 logo presented several design problems and began to look dated in style. Confusion extended beyond the logo itself, and as late as the turn of the century, TWU athletic teams were occasionally referred to as the Trojans instead of the Spartans by outside individuals. It was determined that because of these and other branding related issues that the logo for the TWU Spartans needed to be changed.

In the fall of 2006 TWU's Department of Athletics initiated a logo redesign process. A team that began with of members of the Dept. of Athletics, and expanded to include TWU's University Communications, and eventually a Vancouver design company (Industrial Brand Creative Inc.), took on the task of redesigning the Spartan logo. After a year of hard work, TWU and Spartan Athletics are proud to present a new logo.

Written by Scott Stewart

Last Updated: 2007-10-11
Author: Erin Mussolum