What did your kids do this summer? The results may surprise you!

In 2006, members of the TWU Faculty of Professional Studies and Performing Arts recognized the need for an arts camp in the local community, and set about to create a program that acquaints children, between the ages of 10-13, to a variety of media, including dance, music, digital arts and theatre. Set up like a mini-university, kids at the day camp are exposed to a variety of art streams while choosing one particular area of focus for their 2-week long camp. On the last day of the camp, students get to showcase their talent to parents, friends and fellow campers.

Campers who choose to study music will not onlylearn how to write and to create songs and lyrics, but will also get to record their final versions. For those students who choose digital arts, they get to experiment with traditional and digital animation techniques as they create their own animated film. A variety of dance styles, including ballet, tap, jazz/modern, hip-hop and break-dancing will be introduced to students interested in learning dance and for those interested in theatre, they will develop and work-shop original theatrical pieces, while learning about theme exploration and basic play-making techniques.

13 yearold David Hilder had the opportunity to attend the camp last year. Deciding he wanted to learn about digital arts, David came away from the program with his first animated project on skateboarding that he created with a partner.

Says David about the Kids Summer Arts Camp, “It's fun, you get to learn stuff, play games and you get a cool movie that you made at the end.”

The Arts Camp is as popular with parents as it is with students and participants. Taught by working artists and professionals in the art field, students get first hand knowledge from those carving out a career in the arts, and with a ratio of one teacher to only twelve students, campers are guaranteed individual attention and quality time with instructors.

David's mother Monika couldn't be happier with the program. Says Monika, “The camp honors the arts, and allows young people to be exposed to them. It supports the talents that the children already have while it encourages them to experience what they might want to do. I really value the warmth and integrity of Trinity Western University and its community. We often come and see shows during the year and it's always fun seeing the instructors of the camp on stage in lead roles.”

More information on The Kids Summer Arts Program at Trinity Western University can be found by visiting www.twu.ca/kidsprograms


Event: 2007 Kid's Summer Arts Camp

Date: Mon.-Friday, 9am-4pm, July 9-13 & 16-20, 2007

Location: Trinity Western University,

7600 Glover Road, BC, Langley V2Y 1Y1

Contact: More information and registration information are available at http://www.twu.ca/sites/kidsprograms/ or call (605) 513-2166, or e-mail artscamp@twu.ca

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Last Updated: 2007-10-11
Author: Erin Mussolum