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Seal Kap Dairy Farm

The Langley property is first mentioned in the minutes of the School for Canada Committee in May, 1959: “… the Committee went on record as favoring … the first site (the dairy farm north of Milner on Glover Rd. in Municipality of Langley …)”
Minutes of the meeting of the School-for-Canada Exploratory Committee held at Vancouver, BC, May 26-27, 1959.
[TWU Archives: F 37 B 1 File 6]

By 1960 the farm was in the hands of two businessmen [Geert Keur and John Grauer] … The committee had been authorized to offer one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, but the two men had previously turned down an offer of two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. It was a kind of ridiculous situation to say the least, but … not only did they come down seventy-five thousand dollars on the price, but each one gave another five thousand dollars to help get the college started.
[TWU Archives: Oral History Collection Aud 61; view transcript of this slide show presentation by Perry Havens.]

See also: Calvin B. Hanson. On the Raw Edge of Faith, p 66

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    Aerial View

    The Seal Kap Dairy farm, purchased by the EFCA in 1960, showing the railway on the right, and the Salmon River on the left, ca. 1961.

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    Photographer: George Allen Aerial Photographs Ltd. [TWU Archives 1998-01-4949]

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    Holy Ground

    Members of the School for Canada Committee – and a curious calf - on the Langley farm, 1959.

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    [TWU Archives: 2007-01-0002]

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    Enarson Remembers

    [10:29] And again and again we [the School for Canada Committee] came to this property, first of all through … Henry Friesen, who would take us individually at times and show it to us--he’d taken me here many times. And we were here all together on this day--it was before we had ever made the purchase and … I think we were nine or ten persons that were on campus at the time, and Henry was walking us through, showing us the beauty of the terrain and this sort of thing, and we noticed that Walter Cahill had stopped … I said, “Walter, what it the world are you doing?” He said, “I’m taking the shoes off of my feet; I want to walk on this ground in my stocking feet because I believe I am walking on holy ground. I’m coveting this ground for the Wheaton of Canada.”

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    [TWU Archives: Oral History Collection Aud 220; view transcript of this 1983 interview with David Enarson.]

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