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What's in a Name?

An appeal went out to readers of the November 15th, 1960 issue of the Evangelical Beacon: “We need your help immediately in selecting a name for the school.”
Arnold T. Olson. “A Review of Planning the Proposed School in Canada,” 1961. [TWU Archives: F 37 B 1 File 11]

In May 1961, Reverend Charles McGee moved that “Trinity Junior College” be “adopted as the permanent name of the new Free Church college in Canada.”
Minutes of the meeting of the Canada School Committee of the EFCA, held at North Surrey, BC, May 1-2, 1961
[TWU Archives: F 37 B 1 File 6]

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    Progress Bible College?

    This list of suggested names for the “School in Canada” was compiled by Enoch Mattson, a member of the School for Canada Committee and founding Registrar at Trinity Junior College.

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    [TWU Archives: F 37 B 1 File 26]

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    Trinity Junior College

    The TJC road sign in winter, 1960s.

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    [TWU Archives: 2007-01-0031]

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    TJC PR Booth

    The public relations booth used in the 1960s to promote Trinity Junior College, “where the student counts!”

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-2492]

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