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Vernon Strombeck Library

The gift of a new library building to Trinity Junior College by an unidentified person in the United States was announced at a special convocation of TJC Friday night [February 5] … Initial phase to accommodate 200 students … Expansion of the library is possible to handle 1,000 students.
[The Langley Advance, February 11, 1965, vol. 34 no. 30. TWU Archives: Coll. 3 Box 1]

The new 3500-volume library was officially dedicated on October 23, 1965.
[TWU Archives: F 42 B 1 File 1]

When the library was renovated, ca. 1971, it was named the Vernon Strombeck Library in honour of its generous donor, who had chosen to remain anonymous at the time of its construction and original dedication.
[TWU Archives: Coll. 8 Photo Album 2003-01-0001]

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    Cover Story

    The Beacon featured President Hanson with architect Norman Jones.

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    Evangelical Beacon, March 2, 1965, front cover [TWU Archives: Coll. 3 Box 1]

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    Architect's Rendering

    Architect's rendering of the proposed new library, 1965.

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    [TWU Archives: 2007-01-0079]

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    Library Exterior

    Front entrance of the newly constructed library, 1965.

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-4925]

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    Library Interior

    Interior of the newly constructed library, 1965.

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-4928]

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    Aerial view of the campus, showing the Library in the lower right-hand corner, 1967. Photographer: George Allen Aerial Photographs Ltd.

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    [TWU Archives 1998-01-4964]

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