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First Homecoming

Welcome Alumni!
To all those who have returned to TJC we say hello. Most of you will, of course, notice the changes – library, A&S building, carpets in the dorms, new flag pole, refinished dining hall, etc.…
For the first time, TJC has school jackets. The brown and white jackets look especially sharp when a group of the boys are at a game, walking around town, or even around the campus … A couple of other “firsts” TJC started this year are drama club, cheerleaders, Campus Crusade for Christ groups, Homecoming, hockey team, etc. It’s really wonderful to see how the Lord has had His guiding hand in each of these activities.
The Pioneer, March 3, 1967, vol II no 7, pg. 1 [TWU Archives: Coll. 4 B 9 File 2]

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    Special Edition

    The first Homecoming Edition of the student newspaper was issued March 3, 1967.

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    [TWU Archives: Coll 4 B 9 File 2]

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    The first Homecoming parade was “warmly received by Langley City spectators.” Queen Marg Stewart (front right) is pictured with princesses Donna Andersen and Elena Petrali, 1967.

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    [TWU Archives: Pillar Yearbook Collection]

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    Eight Years Later ...

    Homecoming King and Queen, Neil Josephson and Kathy Carlson, 1975.

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-1944]

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