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First Drama

TJC’s first official theatrical production, “The Romantics,” premiered during Homecoming on Saturday, March 4th, to a full house.

For more information about the history of Theatre at Trinity, search the online TWU Archives Database (try keyword “drama”) at  For updates, visit TWU's Theatre website.

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    The Romantics

    The cast of The Romantics, in costume, 1967.

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    [TWU Archives: Pillar Yearbook Collection]

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    The Highs

    Dramatic expression takes many forms at Trinity, from Shakespeare, ca. 1990 ...

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-5077]

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    The Lows

    ... to dorm skits, ca. 1984.

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-3380]

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