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Harvest Fest

“Howdy pawdner, step right up and enjoy North Upper’s home-baked pies!” The announcement crackles just as you step up for your first pumpkin toss. “Cherry cheesecake, only 45 cents,” blares North Upper. Your “pumpkin” misses the basket. (After a few more vain attempts.) Out of luck you move on and fish for a surprise in 1 & 2 Lower’s fishing pond. Turning to your right your attention is distracted by the howls coming from 1 & 2 Upper’s county jail. You stop and pay a small fee to have your best buddy locked up.
Salmon River Digest Nov. 4, 1977. [TWU Archives: Coll 4 B 9 File 4]

Trinity’s first annual Harvest Fest – an alternative to Halloween to which members of the community are invited - was celebrated on October 29th, 1977. By all accounts, it was a huge success.
[TWU Archives: Pillar Yearbook Collection, 1977 p. 28]

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    Entertaining the crowd at Harvest Fest, 1980.

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-3372]

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    Carving Contest

    Pumpkin Carving, 50 cents, ca. 1984.

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-3375]

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    Harvest Fest Piracy

    A jolly band of pirates posing with some children from the community, 1995.

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    [TWU Archives: 2006-01-0328]

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