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Township Water

On September 13th [2007] construction crews from Directional Drilling began the estimated six week long drilling project to hook the University up with the Township of Langley water supply…
Paul Johnston, Director of Campus Services says, “I am very pleased to get this new water hooked up to TWU. There are so many benefits to the campus community. Not only will the taste of the water improve, but it will also be less damaging to our infrastructure…”
Drilling has commenced near the Vernon Strombeck Centre and will connect with the township water supply near the intersection of Glover Road and Springbrook Drive. The project is estimated for completion at the end of October. 
accessed February 27, 2010

In February 2008 the University made history as it officially connected to the Langley Township water supply for the first time in its 46 year history.
After some final testing, Dean Scovill, Public Health Inspector from the Fraser Valley Health Authority, read the final paragraph of the report to Paul Johnston, Glenn Wallace, Maintenance Supervisor, and Glen Forrester, Vice President for Administration, saying, "Based on the above information and inspection of the water works … Trinity Western University is free to use domestic water as they see fit. Congratulations with your new water supply."  Johnston shouted, "Can I kiss you now?" to applause and laughter around the table. accessed February 27, 2010

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    Raising their Glasses

    Paul Johnston, Glenn Wallace, inspector Scovill, and Glen Forrester enjoy a glass of township water, 2008.

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    University Communications, 2010

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