About Academics

TWU Philosophy of Education

Our educational philosophy is based on whole person education - a transformational experience that extends far beyond the classroom.  Students learn within a positive community that is founded on Christian values; blends academic inquiry with personal and worldview development; and where students learn how their faith perspective interplays within diverse cultures and sub-cultures.

Faculty members take a rigorous approach to the fostering of an environment of free inquiry and open discussion of all aspects of both faith and academic pursuits.

Jesus Christ himself taught the importance of a high regard for integrity, truth, and freedom.  He saw his role as setting people free from bondage to ignorance, fear, evil, and material things while providing the ultimate definition in truth.

We seek to cultivate total student development through increased knowledge and discernment, sharpened critical thinking, communication and leadership skill development, and deepened commitment to Jesus Christ and a Christian way of life.