Our Purpose

Trinity Western seeks to cultivate total student development through increased knowledge and discernment, sharpened critical thinking, communication and leadership skill development, and deepened commitment to Jesus Christ and a Christian way of life. The purpose of all learning is to enable members of the Trinity Western community to glorify God and serve people wherever God places them in society.

Trinity Western's education aims to provide a God-honouring perspective as well as academic excellence. It helps students analyze and apply a Christian worldview, and develop thoroughly Christian minds. At the same time, other employers and universities respect the high academic quality of our programs. Both of these components are essential if our graduates are to become leaders who have a positive impact in society.

Trinity Western challenges its graduates to serve in a Christ-like manner where people live and work: homes, churches, schools, communities, the arts, sciences, human services, education at all levels, health care, recreation, and business. By recognizing their responsibilities and their vocations as a ministry, graduates can bring a refreshing quality to work and encourage others, through their leadership and modeling, to consider the person and the message of Jesus Christ.