IDIS 102

IDIS 102 - Introduction to Christian Worldview Thinking - 1 sem. hr.

  • Students must take IDIS 102 in their first year (regardless of whether it is their first or second semester at TWU) unless they have received at least 42 sem. hrs. of initial transfer credit.  IDIS 102 is not offered in the fall semester.

  • TWU does not provide transfer credit from other institutions for courses that may be similar in content to IDIS 102.

  • IDIS 102 must be taken by all full-time students (min. 12 sem. hrs.) during the first year even if students are intending to study elsewhere after one year at TWU.

IDIS 400

IDIS 400 - Developing a Christian Worldview - 3 sem. hrs.


  • Some disciplines may require or recommend a specific approved equivalent course. (E.g. Most students in the Natural Sciences will take NATS 487 (2) and NATS 490 (1)).