Frank Ezinga

Business Consultant

  • Biography

Department: School of Business Mentor


Frank Ezinga joined the Executive Management team at Phantom Screens as Vice President, Operations and Technology in 2003.  Frank came to Phantom with an extensive career in software after founding a Canadian subsidiary of a global player in the software industry, Exact Software, directly related to manufacturing and streamlining processes.  Frank brought over ten years of international consulting, project management, vast knowledge of custom software development. 

He heads the Operations and Information Technology departments.  His extensive experience and efficient implementation of cutting edge information systems has made Phantom Screens a virtually paperless organization. With great efficiency geared toward streamlining Phantom Screens ever growing demand for product, Frank has proven that efficient software can truly bring a corporation to the next level in manufacturing.  Frank has changed the structure of Phantom Screens internally with the integration of new software systems and internal process management as a whole.

Ten years ago, Frank immigrated from the Netherlands with his wife.  They have a son.  Frank's passion is music; playing organ in churches for more than 25 years.  He is resident organist of the Canadian Reformed Church in Langley, he directs a choir, plays for weddings and other services.