Rod Forrest

Executive Director, Childcare Canada

  • Biography

Department: School of Business Mentor


Rod began his working career in the retail footwear industry, becoming the youngest Supervisor in the company's history.  In 1981 at the age of 32, he had a very dramatic conversion experience and immediately dedicated his life to full time ministry service.  During the early 80's he was instrumental in helping bring attention to the West about the problems facing the persecuted church in the former Soviet Union.  He helped form the African Children's Choir in 1984 and saw hundreds come to know Christ while serving at the Pavilion of Promise during Expo '86.  After Expo, Rod took on the position of Administrator of Glad Tidings Church in Vancouver, BC.  In 1990 he was given the added responsibility of Missions Director.  He held those positions until 2001.  During a transition to hire a new senior pastor, Rod also served as Executive Pastor.  When a new pastor was called in 2004, Rod joined Compassion Canada as Associate Africa Director and Western Development Officer.

In 2007 he was asked to take on the responsibility of Director of Overseas programs and Donor Development in the 27 countries Compassion Canada serves.

In 1989 Rod visited Africa for the first time to design programs to care for 500 Aids orphans left stranded in the Rakai District of Uganda.  This led to the development of what was to become the first of three children's Centres in Uganda and Rwanda.  Rod's dedication to help widows and orphans in Africa became a lifetime's work after he led a team that participated in the burial of over 15,000 Rwandese during the civil war of 1994.  Now serving as the Associate Africa Director of Compassion Canada, he travels regularly to help oversee Compassion assisted programs and take Compassion partners to see first hand how their partnership is impacting the lives of thousands of children.