Trinity Western University

Grading Practices

Grade Point Average

The GPA, an indication of a student’s academic performance, is calculated by changing each letter grade into its numerical equivalent and multiplying this number by the number of semester hours in the course. The grade points are then totalled and divided by the total semester hours. For example:

Course Sem. hrs. Letter grade Numerical Equivalent Sem. hrs. x grade points
ENGL 101 3 B+ 3.3 3 x 3.30 = 9.90
HKIN 131 2 A- 3.7 2 x 3.70 = 7.40
Total 5 17.30
The GPA is (17.30 / 5) or 3.46.

Note: Students have the opportunity to repeat any course to obtain a higher grade, whereupon only the higher grade is applied to their cumulative GPA. Each grade received is documented on the student’s transcript.

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This page contains official TWU academic program information.