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Crow's Nest Ecological Research Area

Melissa Oakes, Field Resources Coordinator

The Crow’s Nest Ecological Research Area consists of 72.7 acres of ecologically significant land located on Salt Spring Island in the Southern Gulf Islands of B.C. It was donated to Trinity Western University in 2000. Soon after, it was discovered that in addition to breathtaking views, the property contained some of the few remaining Garry oak (Quercus garryana) meadows in British Columbia. These meadows and their associated communities contain more plant species than any other terrestrial ecosystem in coastal B.C., as well as a multitude of other creatures, many found nowhere else in Canada.

The purpose of the TWU Crow’s Nest Ecological Research Area is fourfold: 1) to encourage people to reflect on their relationship with nature (community) and God (ethics); 2) to conserve and restore the integrity of the unique ecological regions entrusted to TWU; 3) to research methods of inventorying, studying and interacting with natural systems; and 4) to educate others from a Christian perspective about humanity’s responsibility to nature.

The Crow’s Nest is not open to the public. Since 2001, TWU professors and students have been involved in research projects on the property. The goal is to continue to contribute to the understanding of this unique ecosystem, enabling TWU to manage the property in such a way as to keep it ecologically healthy for future generations to enjoy. Students enrolled in programs such as Environmental Studies, Biology, Geography, and Chemistry may visit the Crow’s Nest on field trips and have the opportunity to gain valuable field experience through student research positions during the summer.

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