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Laurentian Leadership Centre Program (Ottawa)


Students take up to three courses in the morning. Each course is designed to introduce students to experts in the field who are not available on the Langley campus. The courses also enable students to see how their Christian faith can and does impact public life. The three courses are:

POLS/HIST/ Canadian
SOCI 391 Governmental Leadership
POLS/SOCI 392 Ethics and Public Affairs
POLS/IDIS 393 Law, Public Policy, and Cultural Change (an IDIS 400 equivalent course).

Students who take the three courses and the accompanying internship are eligible, upon satisfactory completion of the program, for a Certificate in Leadership and Applied Public Affairs or for a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Applied Public Affairs.

For personal and academic reasons, some students may elect to take only two of the three courses. These students are free to remain at two courses or take an online directed study course, or attend a class at either Carleton University or the University of Ottawa. Students who elect this option are not eligible for the certificates.

While the courses offered at the Laurentian Leadership Centre are in the areas of Political Studies, International Studies, History, Business, and Communications, students not completing a major in one of these areas are encouraged to take these courses as electives. Students should consult their Department chair as to how the internship credits may be counted towards their major. As well, students in Business or Communication programs should inquire about options to fulfil revised program requirements by taking courses at the Laurentian Leadership Centre.

To benefit from this unique learning experience, students need some understanding of Canadian politics and government. For that reason, the course pertaining to this, POLS 234, is offered each semester at TWU and online during the summer and is required for admission to the Centre. Business students may be exempted from this requirement if they have taken BUSI 345/346. Knowledge of Canadian history and the ability to speak French are assets. For admission requirements, see the contact information below.

More Information

At TWU, contact the campus administrator at: 604.513.2121 ext. 2169.

In Ottawa, contact the program director at: 613.569.7511, ext. 5010.


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