Trinity Western University

Coastal Pacific Aviation/UFV: Aviation Studies

Program Requirement

This diploma is available only to Aviation students.

  1. Completion of at least one year or its equivalent of full-time study at the University, i.e., a minimum of 24 sem. hrs. completed at Trinity Western. A maximum of 4 sem. hrs. of Applied Music may be credited towards this diploma.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 62 sem. hrs. of university level studies, including a concentration (30 sem. hrs.) in Aviation.
  3. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 in studies completed at the University.
  4. Completion of the following core requirements:
    1. 9 sem. hrs. of Religious Studies courses (incl. RELS 101 and 102);
    2. 6 sem. hrs. of English courses (ENGL 103 and 104; ESL students may substitute ENGL 101 for one of these);
    3. 6 sem. hrs. of courses from Natural and Applied Sciences, 3 sem. hrs. of which must be a lab science;
    4. 6 sem. hrs. selected from Humanities, Fine Arts, Media and Culture, or Social Science courses;
    5. 3 sem. hrs. of Human Kinetics courses, including HKIN 190 plus at least one 1 sem. hr. Human Kinetics activity course;
    6. IDIS 102 (1 sem. hr.);
    7. UNIV 101 (1 sem. hr.).

Program Checklists and Requirements:

Bachelor of Arts degree in Aviation

Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation

Associate of Arts Diploma in Aviation

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