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Arts, Media and Culture

  • SAMC 110 Introduction to the Arts (3 sem. hrs.)

    A general education course designed to give the student an understanding of the differences and similarities in structure, content, and style of artistic media including music, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, theatre, and dance. Examples of various art forms from ancient to modern times are discussed and explored.

    Prerequisite(s): None. (3-0 or 3-0)

  • SAMC 111 Critical Issues in the Arts (3 sem. hrs.)

    This foundational interdisciplinary arts course introduces some of the complexities in the arts, including topics such as: arts and technology, arts and culture, arts and interpretation, arts and gender, and arts and faith. Students will explore these issues through the engagement of representative works of both artists and scholars from varying viewpoints and historical periods. Students will be expected to participate fully in individual and collaborative research projects applying both developing skills and critical evaluation. The format of the course includes lectures supplemented by assigned readings for discussion and debate. The course will be delivered by an interdisciplinary teaching team.

    Prerequisite(s): None.

  • SAMC 112 Interdisciplinary History of Western Arts (3 sem. hrs.)

    This foundational interdisciplinary arts course introduces students to key historical developments in artistic practice and concepts, following a chronological trajectory from ancient times to present. Through critical examination of historical concepts in the arts, students will develop their ability to meaningfully experience, interpret, and articulate different approaches to the arts. Students will be encouraged to think critically, charitably, and divergently as they examine a multiplicity of artistic practices and concepts. The format of the course includes lectures, readings, discussion, and individual and collaborative assignments. The course will be delivered by an interdisciplinary teaching team.

    Prerequisite(s): None.

  • SAMC 246 Canadian Landscape and the Arts (3 sem. hrs.)

    This course examines the Canadian landscape as constructed by artists in a variety of disciplines including painters, photographers, poets, filmmakers and musicians.

    NB: Not offered every year.

    Prerequisite(s): Second year standing. (0-0; 3-0)

  • SAMC 351, 352, 353 Arts, Media and Culture Practicum (1, 2, 3 sem. hrs.)

    Designed for any student seeking arts leadership skills through experience-based learning. Students work with systems and strategies applying to self-promotion and production, interdisciplinary and collaborative work, and arts organizations. Working under the direction of fine arts faculty, students focus on utilizing resources for development and implementation of special projects.

    NB: Pass/Fail courses.

    Prerequisite(s): SAMC 110 or equivalent and upper level standing.

  • SAMC 370 Aesthetics (3 sem. hrs.)

    An analysis of the aesthetic experience arising from a response to the visual arts, architecture, music, and literature. The nature of beauty, the development of taste, the question of objective standards of criticism, and the role of the artist's intention as a factor in a response to art.

    NB: Not offered every year. See Department of Philosophy chair.

    Cross-listed: PHIL 370.

    Prerequisite(s): Third or fourth year standing or 6 sem. hrs. of Philosophy or instructor's consent. (3-0 or 3-0)

  • SAMC 420 Arts, Media and Culture Travel Study (3 sem. hrs.)

    A three week interdisciplinary fine arts study trip to London, England, in which students critically engage culture and the fine arts. Visits to galleries, performances, and cultural sites accompany lectures and readings to encourage students to develop and deepen their biblically-informed view of the role of fine arts. While most course activities take place in London proper, several day trips to surrounding locations are included.

    NB: Summer travel study course. This course is limited to students wishing to take this course for credit. It simultaneously meets both the Fine Arts and the IDIS 400 equivalent core requirements (provided students choose this as their "double-counted" core requirement) although the total credits for the course is 3 sem. hrs. No prior courses in Art, Theatre, or Music are necessary. Another course, often Music 310, is offered on the travel study.

    Cross-listed: IDIS 420.

    Prerequisite(s): Completion

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