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Course Descriptions

Natural and Applied Sciences

  • NATS 487 Developing a Christian Worldview in the Natural and Applied Sciences (2 sem. hrs.)

    With NATS 490 (1 sem. hr.), this course meets the University's 400 level Interdisciplinary Studies core requirement. The topics deal with the integration of Christianity with the various disciplines taught within the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences. Christian beliefs found in Scripture are applied to an understanding and evaluation of modern science and technology. Students research materials and present an outline for a major paper which is completed and presented in NATS 490.

    NB: The course is intended primarily for students pursuing a B.Sc. but is open to all.

  • NATS 490 Seminar: Christianity and the Natural Sciences (1 sem. hr.)

    Presentation and discussion of special topics concerned with the relationship between science and the Christian faith.

    Cross-listed: RELS 490.

    Prerequisite(s): NATS 487; CMPT 480; or MATH 480. (0-0; 0-1)

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