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Course Descriptions


  • WRTG 100 Writing in the University Context (3 sem. hrs.)

    This course is designed to improve the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills of students whose first language is English. Students are required to read an array of essays, discuss them critically, and write papers analyzing the structure and content of these essays.

    Prerequisite(s): None. (3-0; 3-0)

  • WRTG 101 Writing and Culture (3 sem. hrs.)

    A preparatory course in academic writing, focusing on academic conventions, scholarly vocabulary and tone, and the development of cohesive arguments across the disciplines. While the tasks and assignments emphasize writing skills, the course also facilitates the growth of critical thinking skills through the thematic study of North American and Christian culture. This course is designed for students who have come from international contexts.

    Prerequisite(s): None. (3-0; 3-0)

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