Trinity Western University

Graduate Program in Counselling Psychology (M.A.)


Dr. Marvin McDonald, Director

The purpose of the Graduate Program in Counselling Psychology is to fulfil the mission of the University in the professions of counselling and psychology. Godly Christian leaders are nurtured to serve God and people as mental health professionals, community advocates, and scholars. The mission of the program can be summarized as the building up of students and the advancement of knowledge in counselling psychology. Graduates of the program are competent, professional counsellors who are able to function in a pluralistic society. The Graduate Program in Counselling Psychology encourages personal and spiritual growth, fosters community spirit, and promotes the integration of scholarship, practice, and faith. Graduates from the program may pursue doctoral studies in counselling or clinical psychology, counsellor education, and related fields. There is a wide variety of professional approaches and research interests represented by program faculty and students.

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