Trinity Western University

Graduate Program in Counselling Psychology (M.A.)

Application Information

Applications must be accompanied by two references: one academic and one work/experience-related reference. The references must be written by persons who know the applicant well and can describe his or her personal qualifications for the role of a counsellor.

Applicants must supply evidence of successful work or volunteer service in a counselling-related field over a two-year period. Applicants must provide a brief description (approximately two pages long) of their reasons for wishing to pursue a master’s degree at TWU, their view of counselling processes, and their career goals. They should also describe their openness to self-examination and their commitment to personal and professional self-development during professional training and as a life-long practice. They may also want to mention their spiritual journey and personal faith. All members of TWU, including faculty, staff, and students, are required to honour the University’s Community Covenant. This code of conduct reflects the shared values of the TWU community.

Applications and additional admissions information can be obtained from the Admissions Office of the School of Graduate Studies or online at

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