Trinity Western University

Graduate Program in Leadership (M.A.)


The Master of Arts in Leadership program consists of 38 sem. hrs., including five foundational courses, five specialized online stream courses, and completion of a major paper with, potentially, some internship work experience. Students may select one of two cohorts to begin this 25-month program. The first cohort normally begins each year on the fourth Monday in May and the second cohort begins on the first Monday in July.

  • All participants are required to take the 15 sem. hrs. of on-campus foundational courses during the summer. These five courses—Leadership Foundations; Strategic Leadership; Results-based Leadership; Team Leadership and Conflict Resolution; and Leadership, Values and Ethics—are provided on campus during three successive months of May to July and emphasize group learning.
  • An additional 15 sem. hrs. of specialized online courses focus on the participant’s chosen area of leadership practice: business, health, education, non-profit, or Christian ministry organizations. These courses emphasize individualized learning. Most of these courses are taught by adjunct faculty, many associated with other post-secondary institutions around the world.
  • An introductory research methods course is designed to facilitate critical thinking, logical, and systemic major project work. This course is worth 2 sem. hrs.
  • The final requirement is the completion of a major paper, which is worth 6 sem. hrs. The major paper focuses on a leadership-based problem or issue, most often in the participant’s place of employment.
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