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Graduate Tuition and Student Fees 2010 - 2011

GELS—Graduate English Language Support Fee

  • Support Program for Non-Native English Speakers — To promote learning success for TESOL or M.A. in Leadership graduate students who do not have English as their native or primary language, TWU provides a Graduate English Language Support program (GELS). Applicants with a TOEFL score between 620 and 660 may be required to enter the GELS program for at least the first three semesters of their Graduate program. There is an additional fee for each credit hour of the graduate program during this first year. After three semesters the student may exit the GELS program with the approval of the program director when their English language skills are deemed adequate.
  • Students who may require the GELS program need to arrive on campus one week prior to their initial on-campus summer courses for the M.A. program. Upon arrival, students are evaluated to determine their needs in the GELS program. Based on the student’s skill level revealed in those tests, and upon the recommendation of the program director, a student could be excused from enrolling in the GELS program. The program director may request that students with substantial need for GELS make plans to reside in the local area for the first year of the graduate program to facilitate this help.
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