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Canadian Studies

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Prof. David Jordan, Coordinator

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a multidisciplinary major in Canadian Studies leading to a B.A. degree. The History and Government stream emphasizes History and Political Studies and requires a semester at TWU’s Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa, while the History and Culture stream includes courses from a larger range of disciplines.

As the world’s second largest nation by area, the United States’ single largest trading partner, and a significant player in the world’s diplomacy, trade, peacekeeping, and international development, Canada is an important focus of study. At TWU, students who take Canadian Studies are able to gain the insights and expertise of over a dozen professors in up to eight academic disciplines. They are able to examine Canada from a variety of perspectives including geographic, historical, literary, political, economic, artistic, religious, and sociological.

Canadian Studies graduates will gain the necessary skills and knowledge that can lead to career and leadership opportunities in a wide variety of professions. Opportunities for careers include government service, diplomacy, politics, research, administration, and business. It is an excellent pre-professional program for law, education, journalism, and ministry training.

Note: This program is offered under the written consent of the Minister of Advanced Education effective March 5, 2008, having undergone a quality assessment process and been found to meet the criteria established by the minister. Nevertheless, prospective students are responsible for satisfying themselves that the program and the degree will be appropriate to their needs (for example, acceptable to potential employers, professional licensing bodies, or other educational institutions).

Program Checklists and Requirements:

Major in Canadian Studies - History & Government

Major in Canadian Studies - History & Culture

Concentration in Canadian Studies

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