Trinity Western University

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Christianity and Culture

Department of Religious Studies

Dr. Craig D. Allert, Chair

The Department of Religious Studies offers:

  1. A major in Christianity and Culture leading to a B.A. degree;
  2. A concentration;
  3. A minor.

Christianity and Culture has a strong interdisciplinary and historical approach that seeks to give the student a broad understanding of the relationship of Christian faith to Western culture. The program is excellent preparation for those wishing to pursue graduate theological studies and provides a solid foundation for those who desire to enter ministry. Majors, concentrations, and minors explore the relationship between the historic Christian faith and our contemporary values, issues, institutions, and lifestyles.

Note: All Religious Studies courses with a second digit of 0 to 5 are regarded as biblical content courses. Courses with a second digit of 6 to 9 are regarded as non-biblical content courses.

Program Checklists and Requirements:

Major in Christianity and Culture, B.A. Degree

Concentration and Minor in Christianity and Culture

Minor in Christianity and Culture: Catholic Studies

This minor is offered by Redeemer Pacific College, an approved teaching centre of Trinity Western University. See Redeemer Pacific College in the Affiliate Institutions chapter of this Calendar for specific requirements.

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