Trinity Western University

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Department of Geography, History, and Political and International Studies

Dr. Robynne Healey, Chair
Dr. Maxwell Ofosuhene, Geography Coordinator

The Department of Geography, History, and Political and International Studies offers:

  1. A major in Geography leading to a B.A. degree;
  2. A concentration in Geography;
  3. A minor in Geography.

Geography is an exciting and dynamic discipline that involves the study of people, places, and earth processes from a spatial perspective. As a modern physical and social science, geography plays a crucial role in addressing local, national, and global concerns such as resource and environmental management, global warming and climate change, population growth and urbanization, rural restructuring and sustainability, low-income housing, food insecurity, and poverty. A Geography degree offers students the opportunity to tackle complex human and environmental problems with a skill set that emphasizes a combination of critical thinking, geospatial technologies and analysis, interdisciplinary learning, and hands-on solutions to positively impact people’s quality of life and their environments.

Geographers work in a wide array of fields including community development and missions, urban and regional planning, population and statistical analysis, computerized mapping and remote sensing, business, retail analysis and market research, environmental assessment and resource conservation, geophysical analysis, and natural science research. Graduates with Geography degrees are in high demand. Significant employment opportunities exist within government, teaching, business, private sector consulting, and in non-governmental/non-profit organization. The reasons for this wide range of opportunities and the demand for trained geographers in the workplace are the unique spatial perspective, interdisciplinary skills, and other skills the Geography graduate offers.

The Department offers courses in geospatial technology, and physical, human, regional and applied areas of Geography leading to a B.A. in Geography. It also offers a B.A. and a B.Sc. within the Environmental Studies program. Our facilities include a dedicated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) computer laboratory for social and environmental research, a fully-equipped Dendrochronology (tree-ring) laboratory for biophysical research, and a suite of field equipment such as weather sensors and GPS receivers for use in research and instructional labs.

Program Checklists and Requirements:

Major in Geography, B.A. Degree

Trinity Western is one of the few Christian universities in North America offering a major in Geography. Students are encouraged to reinforce their Geography major with study in related social and natural sciences such as Anthropology, Biology, Economics, Geology, History, Political and International Studies, and Sociology. A secondary specialization in a related field is useful for geographers in business, government, or education.

Concentration and Minor in Geography

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