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Inter-Cultural Religious Studies

Department of Religious Studies

Dr. Craig D. Allert, Chair
Dr. Joanne Pepper, Coordinator

The Department of Religious Studies offers a major in Inter-Cultural Religious Studies leading to a B.A. degree, as well as a minor in Inter-Cultural Religious Studies.

The Inter-Cultural Religious Studies (ICRS) program is designed for those who are interested in preparation for any kind of cross-cultural work or ministry. Graduates from the program have successfully entered fields of teaching, political advocacy, community and social services, governmental and non-governmental organizations in Canada and overseas, global missionary service, as well as various creative ministry roles within local church settings. Many students who obtain an ICRS major also continue onto graduate studies in areas such as social science, religion, missiology, linguistics, and education.

The major has a strong interdisciplinary approach that seeks to give students a broad overview of the field of inter-cultural studies. Additionally, students are given opportunity to select options within the program in order to shape the major towards individual visions and goals. Finally, through its inclusion of language learning and a cross-cultural practicum, the major seeks to lay an academic foundation upon which practical experience is based. Semester study programs in Africa, China, Latin America, the Middle East, and Russia through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, or at the TWU Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa, may also be incorporated into the ICRS degree.

Program Checklists and Requirements:

Major in Inter-cultural Relgious Studies - Christian Missions

Major in Inter-cultural Relgious Studies - Global Development

Major in Inter-cultural Relgious Studies - Linguistics

Minor in Inter-cultural religious studies

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