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Modern Languages

Department of Modern Languages

Dr. Kelsey Haskett, Chair

The Department of Modern Languages offers:

  1. A major in Modern Languages;
  2. A minor and concentration in French Language and Literature;
  3. A minor and concentration in French Language;
  4. A minor and concentration in Spanish;
  5. Introductory and intermediate courses in German;
  6. Introductory courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

Because it focuses on a number of significant languages, Trinity Western University’s Modern Languages program is strategic to preparing graduates to impact the world. Courses contribute to a global vision as well as to an understanding of Canadian culture and identity. Literature courses provide insight into various cultures, examine ideas that have influenced the world, and help students develop analytical and writing skills. While leading to new avenues of cross-cultural communication, language studies create a wide spectrum of opportunities for students. These include careers in teaching, missions, government and diplomatic work, international organizations, business, social service, public relations, journalism, translation, and many other exciting global opportunities.

The program’s courses focus mainly on language, literature, and cultural studies. The major in Modern Languages includes different languages within the Department. In the French program, the main areas of study are French and French Canadian literature, francophone culture, and all levels of language. Spanish courses focus on language learning as well as Hispanic literature and culture. German courses provide introductory and intermediate language study. Chinese, Japanese, and Russian courses offer an introduction to the language. Cultural components are included in all introductory and intermediate language courses.

Program Checklists and Requirements:

Major in Modern Languages, B.A. Degree

Concentration and Minor in French Language and Literature

Concentration and Minor in French Language

Letter of Proficiency in French

Students who complete 18 sem. hrs. of French but who do not intend to do a concentration or minor in the language may receive a Letter of Proficiency from the Department.

Concentration and Minor in Spanish

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