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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


The Faculty offers Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degrees in Biblical Studies, English, History, International Studies, Political Studies, and Psychology; Bachelor of Arts degrees majoring in Biblical Studies, Christianity and Culture, English, Geography, History, Inter-Cultural Religious Studies, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Studies, Psychology, Religious Studies, and the multidisciplinary areas of Canadian Studies, Environmental Studies, European Studies, Humanities, International Studies, Modern Languages, Sociology, and Social Sciences; concentrations in Canadian Studies and Social Studies; concentrations and minors in any of the non-multidisciplinary subjects above plus French, Linguistics, Sociology and Spanish; and a minor in Inter-Cultural Religious Studies. A certificate is also offered in Applied Linguistics (Teaching English as a Second Language) and in Human Services, which incorporates courses in Psychology and Sociology as well as relevant practical experiences. A modest number of courses are available in Chinese, German, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Latin, and Russian. Finally, the Faculty offers a Master of Arts in Humanities, with streams in English, History, and Philosophy; the Psychology Department members participate in a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology; and the Religious Studies Department offers a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies. (See Faculty of Graduate Studies)

The programs offered include the following emphases:

Theoretical Foundations

Students are introduced to the basic assumptions underlying the discipline areas of this Faculty and are taught to evaluate these critically from a Christian perspective.


Students develop their leadership abilities by increasing their understanding of how people function both individually and in groups and by applying leadership skills in relevant settings. They are encouraged to develop skills of research, critical thinking, and communication to assist them in gaining confidence in articulating viewpoints with clarity and defending them with precision and rigour. An historical perspective is conveyed so that beliefs and values can be understood in their cultural context. Because Christians have a responsibility to serve and help their fellow humans, the content of the disciplines is integrated with Christian concern for one’s neighbours and the attendant joy found in serving God and society. Students’ study should equip them to channel the love of Christ in caring, people-helping service.

Career Preparation

Students are encouraged to combine their skills and knowledge with practical and creative applications in life and society. The majors earned in this Faculty can lead directly to various careers, or they can prepare students for graduate or professional studies. Trinity Western graduates are pursuing careers in a wide variety of areas including business, industry, education, church or missions-related ministries, government service, international service, law, the media, social service agencies, counselling, publishing, and writing.

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