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School of the Arts, Media and Culture


School of the Arts, Media and Culture

Prof. Doris Hutton Auxier, Chair

The Visual Arts program is an exploration of the visual language of art and design. Students experience making objects and images within historical, cultural, and theoretical contexts. Being made in the image of God includes the invitation to understand and hone the visual, critical, and creative gifts. This includes growing mastery of the visual language both by understanding the history of this discipline and by engaging in the critical issues of theory. Those studying Art have a responsibility to develop the intuition as well as the intellect, tapping the emotions as well as the sensory skills. All these need to be incorporated before the unique voice of each student can be nurtured and encouraged to life. In an increasingly media-saturated society, meaning is disseminated through the visual, making this field increasingly critical to any leadership vision.

Each of the four years has the following focus:

  • Year One—Art Core Foundation
  • Year Two—Skills Mastery
  • Year Three—Integration of Theory and Practice
  • Year Four—Voice of the Artist and Solo or Group Show

The Department offers:

  1. A major in Art leading to a B.A. degree;
  2. A concentration;
  3. A minor.

Program Checklists and Requirements:

Major in Art, B.A. Degree

Concentration and Minor in Art

Programs, Activities, and Facilities

Art Talks

An informal environment where students, faculty, and the public learn about artistic works from those responsible for creating them: the artists, designers, authors, and thinkers.

Verge Art Series

This collection of interdisciplinary artistic events incorporates the Art, Music, Theatre, and Communications departments. The series encourages artistic performance and scholarly interaction with the arts and gives students access to artists, ideas, and presentations that cross multiple creative disciplines.

New York Center for Art and Media Studies (NYCAMS)

A study opportunity offered during both the fall and spring semesters (recruiting from over 15 Christian post-secondary institutions). This program offers students studio, art history, and a custom-designed internship at a New York venue. Dorm spaces and studios are eight blocks from the Chelsea Gallery district in New York.


The Art Department provides opportunities for students at every level to exhibit their work either on or off campus. Each year-end art show features work from graduating art students. Students are involved in every aspect of the show from making the artwork to learning more about the business side of exhibitions, such as publicity, funding, and promotion.

Multi-Media and Instructional Computing Labs

Students have access to fully supported computer labs with industry software such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and more. Software is updated regularly.

Practica Program

Students receive credit towards their degree for working alongside practicing professionals in various areas such as design, visual art, museums, and galleries. Students may also choose to work on one of several student publications for practicum credits.

Department Leadership

Opportunities exist for students to work as student leaders within the Department. Positions include printmaking assistant, design lab assistant, shop assistant, and studio assistant. Full-time faculty studios are on campus, giving students opportunities to engage with faculty artwork or assist or collaborate with faculty on projects.

Job Opportunities

Art graduates have pursued graduate programs throughout North America and around the world. Many students go directly into art careers and use their creative gifts in a variety of art-related fields such as design, studio art, media production, art therapy, art history, art education, and church ministries. Trinity Western’s Art graduates often network with graduates from related areas such as music, theatre, and media to collaborate on projects involving music, media, art, and performance.

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