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School of the Arts, Media and Culture

Dr. David Squires, Coordinator

The School of the Arts, Media and Culture offers a multidisciplinary major in Arts, Media & Culture, leading to a B.A. degree.

The Arts, Media & Culture major is designed to give broad exposure to art, film studies, theatre, and music. This program is designed for students with general interests in the Arts, Media & Culture, rather than for those who wish to specialize in one discipline.

Students can select from two configurations of the major:

a. A concentration (30 sem. hrs.) in one of Art, Communications: Film Studies, Theatre, or Music; a minor (24 sem. hrs.) in a second area of the four mentioned above, and 6 sem. hrs. in a third remaining area (chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor).

b. A major with a double concentration in any of the above four subject areas. See the Art, Communications: Film Studies, Theatre, and Music entries for requirements of concentrations and minors in each of these areas.

Program Checklist and Requirements:

Multidisciplinary Major in Arts, Media & Culture, B.A. Degree


Programs, Activities, and Facilities

Students are encouraged to participate fully in the activities and programs offered in the Art, Communications, Music, and Theatre Departments. In particular, students are encouraged to participate in Travel Studies.


Job Opportunities

Graduates in the Arts, Media & Culture have pursued careers such as education, film production, print, and interactive industry.

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