Trinity Western University

School of the Arts, Media and Culture

Undergraduate Program Emphases

Theoretical Foundations — Throughout their programs, students acquire a broad base of knowledge. Students critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of various theoretical approaches, gradually developing and applying their own biblically informed conclusions to their intended field(s) of study and practice.

Artistic Expression — Students are encouraged not only to know their subjects well but to communicate their knowledge with grace, confidence, and creativity. This is especially important in program areas involving public expression, the use of modern media, teaching, the visual arts, music, and the theatre.

Leadership Ability — Students learn to develop their servant leadership skills by coming to value disciplined study, focused reflection, and the development of skill and competency through the rigours of rehearsal and practice. They come to see the positive influence of mentoring, epitomized in the life of Jesus Christ, but also evident in models both historical and contemporary. Students are given opportunities to practice these leadership skills both within and outside of classes.

Career Preparation — Students are encouraged to combine their theoretical knowledge with practical and creative applications in life and society. The majors in this School help prepare students for careers in fields such as Bible translation, media, education, visual and performing arts, publishing, non-fiction and technical writing, and church ministry.

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