Trinity Western University

Financial Aid Program

Priority Application Dates

  1. Undergraduate students (returning, new, and transfer): February 28 (scholarships, grants, and endowment awards).
  2. Graduate students: May 1 (scholarships, grants, and endowment awards)

Applications submitted after priority application dates will be considered based on availability of funds. Applications submitted before priority application dates will be guaranteed funds (based on eligibility).

Factors considered in awarding scholarships and grants include academic achievement, financial need (as defined by StudentAidBC), and evidence of student effort at self-help in terms of summer and part-time employment. Only full-time students (12 sem. hrs. or more for undergraduate students, 9 sem. hrs. for graduate students) are eligible for Trinity Western University financial assistance.

Awards are made on an annual basis, with one-half of the award applied to the fall semester and the balance applied to the spring semester. All scholarships and grants require at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA. Individual awards may have specific cumulative GPA requirements.

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