Trinity Western University

Undergraduate Tuition and Student Fees

Tuition Fees

  1. Undergraduate Student
    a)0.5 – 3 sem. hrs.$325/sem. hr.
    b)3.5 or more sem. hrs.$649/sem. hr.
    The following are tuition totals per semester for selected enrolment levels:
    9 sem. hrs.$5,841
    12 sem. hrs.$7,788
    15 sem. hrs.$9,735
    18 sem. hrs.$10,384
    Students taking more than 15 sem. hrs. are entitled to the next 2 sem. hrs. at no additional charge. Any sem. hrs. above 17 are charged at the regular rate. Students who wish to take more than 19 sem. hrs. require approval from the dean of the faculty or school in which the student is majoring.
    c)Audit Fee$222/sem. hr.
  2. Summer sessions

    Contact TWU Extension at 604.513.2067.

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