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Student Life Programs

Trinity Western University goes beyond providing good customer service by providing a wide variety of opportunities to enable students to assume ownership for their success. These learning-focused opportunities are integral to a student’s development as “godly Christian leaders: positive, goal oriented university graduates with thoroughly Christian minds, growing disciples of Jesus Christ who glorify God through fulfilling the Great Commission, serving God and people in the various marketplaces of the world” (TWU mission statement).

Students who choose to connect with academic and social support structures at the University early in their academic career are more likely to graduate. Student engagement with peers, professors, course work, programs, services, and activities of interest have been proven to contribute to a more rewarding university experience.

Student Life’s educational mandate is to challenge and assist students in exploring and developing all God has created them to be. TWU strives to see its students engaged in all aspects of campus life and beyond. As part of the educational enterprise, Student Life’s classroom is diverse and includes the:

  • Residence hall where uniqueness and differences expand horizons.
  • Study lab where academic exploration is rigorously pursued.
  • Intramural court where sportsmanship and fitness are encouraged.
  • Collegium where a commuter student journeys with fellow peers, staff, and faculty.
  • Service trip to an inner-city mission where poverty can be understood.
  • Counselling office where a healthy picture of one’s self emerges.
  • Leadership practicum where skills are honed to influence others towards growth.
  • Habitat for Humanity trip where one is called to help those in need.
  • Chapel where one finds solace in praising God with a thousand other voices.

The Student Life Office

The Student Life Office is located in the Reimer Student Centre across from the University Bookstore. Anyone wanting to know more about the programs, services, opportunities, and activities offered by the departments of Student Life is welcome to visit the Student Life Office or make contact through phone or email. In the pages that follow there is a further introduction to the departments, centres, and offices that comprise the Student Life Division.

8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday—Friday

Reimer Student Centre





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