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Mission, Role and Process


For Student Life, having a mission is important, but without an understanding of the process involved, these noble aspirations remain on paper and unrealized in the lives of students. In “developing godly Christian leaders” who will be “unmistakable disciples of Jesus Christ,” Student Life staff have chosen a process with five elements.

Student Life staff seek to expose every student to:

  • Life Opportunities. Involvement in Student Life programs develops valuable skills for the work place and community. Students are challenged to be godly leaders with thoughtful Christian perspectives on what it means to lead through serving others.
  • Life Examples. Students encounter genuine role models of the Christian faith in TWU staff, faculty, and guest speakers—people who understand and demonstrate God’s grace.
  • Life Emotions. Students are free to explore their emotions, faith, and hopes, sharing who they are with others whether it is in small groups, in the classroom, or one on one.
  • Life Messages. Interaction with faculty, chapel speakers, and staff provides students with a better understanding of who God is, what it means to be a disciple, what it means to be a leader, and what it means to have a sense of one’s life calling.
  • Life Solutions. Students are encouraged to approach life situations with a solution-focused orientation. They are challenged to understand problems from the perspective of solutions ?rather than simply analyzing the factors that led to the situation.

To accomplish its mission, Student Life employs this process through several educational functions.

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