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The focus of TWU Extension Adult Programs is to provide options for people who desire to engage or re-engage their university education while maintaining an active work or family life. Through TWU Extension, adult learners may enrol in any TWU course or program of study as part time learners. Learners may also choose certificate programs such as the TESL Certificate, Educational Leadership Certificate, and Certificate in Leadership and Applied Public affairs. Adult learners can also enrol in the Accelerated Adult Degree Completion Programs at the Langley or Bellingham campuses, in which a group of students (a cohort) completes a university degree in 18 to 24 months. In this format, adults can complete a B.A. in Multidisciplinary Social Sciences, a B.A. in Psychology, both incorporating a Certificate in Human Services, or a B.A. in Leadership. Designed for a busy working adult, accelerated degree completion classes meet one to two evenings per week and one Saturday every seven weeks. Students work with a faculty learning coach to develop an individual academic portfolio and learning plan, based on the individual’s academic background. Through the laddering processes, learners who complete the adult-oriented programs are able to continue their education by applying to one of TWU’s professional graduate programs such as the Master of Arts in Leadership (M.A. in Leadership), Master of Business Administration (M.B.A), Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (M.A.T.E.S.O.L.), or the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (M.A.).


Adult learners are 23 years of age or older and are not able to attend university full time during conventional class times. Admissions processes for adult learners are open and flexible. Learners are accepted into the course, certificate, or degree program based on either traditional University entrance standards, or on their life and work experiences. Admissions standards are set by program.

Inquiries should be directed to:

or Langley campus program: 604.513.2067;
Bellingham campus program:
360.527.0222 or 604.513.2121 ext. 3986

Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL)

Adult learners may be given up to 30 university credits for their life and work experiences that can be documented as worthy of university credit at a basic level (60 per cent standing or higher in course related experiences). Recognition for prior learning is only available to adult learners enrolling in the Accelerated Degree Completion Programs. Students are able to receive recognition for prior learning through challenge exams, standardized exams, or portfolio assessment of prior learning.

For more information on RPL credit, please contact:

or Langley campus program: 604.513.2067;
Bellingham campus program:
360.527.0222 or 604.513.2121 ext. 3986

Accelerated Degree Formats

Accelerated degrees are completed in 18 to 24 months, one or two nights a week and one Saturday every seven weeks with continuous online learning. To be fully admitted into an accelerated degree program, the adult learner must have credit for an Associate of Arts degree or the equivalent (a combination of 60 lower level course credits including standard General Education Requirements). Adult learners may be conditionally accepted into the Accelerated Degree Program with fewer than 60 credits at the discretion of the Associate Provost for TWU Extension, or relevant Dean. In accelerated degree formats, the lower level University core and standard prerequisite degree requirements are waived as having been completed as part of the AA or equivalent. Upper level core requirements (two RELS courses and IDIS 400) must still be completed within the remaining 62 upper level credits to graduate from the accelerated adult degree program. Individualized degree completion pathways are designed and provided to each learner at the outset of the accelerated adult degree process.

Customized Degree Completion Format

Students who have completed the majority of their university credits (90+ credits) but who are unable to fully complete their degree can complete it through customized degree completion. Students in the customized degree completion program are supported by an advisor who assists students in choosing among existing options (TWU courses in the evening, weekend, online, alternate location, or in accelerated formats) for degree completion. The degree completion advisor can also help with student transfers of course credits from other institutions and developing online independent studies where faculty will develop an individualized online course to assist students in finishing the final components of their TWU degree. In some cases, the faculty advisor will also assist students in transitioning to a more convenient degree pathway such as the Accelerated Adult Degree format, as long as this meets the educational needs of the learner.

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