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University Bridge Program

The Bridge program provides international and second language learners with a variety of university English language and cultural support elements in the context of academic studies, such as provision of English language writing courses and course companion classes (teaching critical thinking applications and rhetorical aspects of interaction with text and course content). In cooperation with ESLI (English as a Second Language Institute), international students transition seamlessly into mainstream classes of the University. The University Bridge program is a culmination of a variety of customized programs and services that meet the unique needs of international student groups who may require a higher level of support and service in order to be considered for full admission into TWU.

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies

As a service to Environmental Studies majors and other majors with an interest in environmental studies, a number of 300 and 400 level courses are available for credit to Trinity Western students through the Au Sable Institute, in Michigan, Washington, Florida, and India. These intensive courses, taught primarily during the spring and summer, offer a distinctly Christian perspective on the environment. Tuition fees are charged at regular Trinity Western Summer session rates, but with each course assessed at 4 sem. hrs. Some financial assistance is available from the Au Sable Institute. Program details can be obtained from the coordinators of the Environmental Studies program.

Visiting Professor/Teacher’s Program

Melinda Dewsbury, Assistant Sessional Instructor

The Visiting Academic Scholars program provides an opportunity for professional academic scholars from other countries to engage in university classes and activities for one semester on a credit-free basis. It is open to teachers, professors, and professionals from non-English speaking countries and provides them with an opportunity to enhance their English language skills and to experience Canadian culture. In most cases, visiting professors or teachers come to TWU based on their relationships with TWU Extension or with a specific faculty or school at TWU. Occasionally, groups of professionals come to TWU as part of their professional development programs. In these cases, TWU Extension works with the relevant institutions to develop a collaborative model for the educational program and service to be provided.

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