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Major in Leadership B.A. Degree

General Graduation Requirements: a total of 122 semester hours are required. There are three elements:

  1. To enter the program, degree completion students must have earned an A.A. degree or equivalent from a recognized institution, or have 60 transfer semester hours from recognized institutions including TWU, or a combination of transfer semester hours from recognized institutions to equal 60 semester hours. Up to 30 semester hours of RPL credit may be applied to enter the program;
  2. To graduate, students must have at least 42 upper level sem. hrs, and 42 LDRS sem. hrs, including 24 upper level LDRS sem. hrs.;
  3. An additional 20 sem. hrs. of electives are required. The electives may be transferred into the program or may be achieved through RPL.

Specific Course Requirements for the Major (42 sem. hrs.)

Sem. hrs.
RELS/LDRS 240 Book Study: Old Testament or 250 Book Study: New Testament 3
LDRS 301 Lifelong Learning Strategies in Leadership 2
LDRS 302 Historic Concepts and Theories of Leadership 3
LDRS 303 Contemporary and Popular Approaches to Leadership 3
LDRS 310 The Learning Organization 3
LDRS 320 Ethical Decision Making: Applications and Fiscal Foundations 3
LDRS 400 Interpersonal Leadership: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 3
LDRS 410 Communication: Methods of Persuasion and Positive Influence 3
LDRS 420 Leading Change 3
LDRS 440 Developing Administrative Competence 3
RELS/LDRS 475 Christianity and Culture 3
PSYC/LDRS 490 Personhood: An Interdisciplinary Examination of the Individual 3
LDRS 491/492 Practicum 2/2
LDRS 499 Applied Leadership Project 3
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