Trinity Western University

TWU Extension


To respond to the specialized needs of the lifelong learner, TWU Extension facilitates flexible learning practices and extends the mission and core values of TWU to non-traditional learning audiences around the globe. In addition to extending TWU beyond traditional boundaries, TWU Extension also provides services and support to learners and faculty in technologically-innovative ways serving adult, undergraduate, and graduate programs. The function of TWU Extension is to facilitate the design, development, delivery, and distribution of non-traditional learning opportunities for both traditional and non-traditional audiences. Our programs and courses are relevant, innovative, and interactive, featuring flexibility and convenience (accelerated or modularized, and face-to-face or mediated [online] formats). Courses are delivered both on campus and at extension sites via traditional classroom methods, online, and/or mixed-mode delivery formats (50 per cent in class; 50 per cent online). Programs and courses range from weekend seminars to one, two, or three weeks, and up to eight weeks in length. To accommodate working learners around the globe, the admission and registration processes for TWU Extension vary by program and are simplified to accommodate unique learning choices.

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This page contains official TWU academic program information.