Trinity Western University

Grading Practices

Graduation Application Deadlines

  1. Students must formally apply to graduate by completing an application for graduation.
  2. Students must apply for graduation by April 30 of the year prior to graduation.
  3. Students wishing to participate in the April graduation exercises must meet the following criteria (no exceptions are granted) by the December prior to the April graduation:
    a) must achieve overall GPA of 2.0, plus other relevant GPA requirements for specific departments;
    b) must show that they will have completed the required sem. hrs. for the degree or will be within 6 sem. hrs. of completing the degree by April (i.e., 116 for B.A., B.B.A., B.H.K., B.Sc., B.Sc.N. degree and 128 for all honours degrees) or within 8 sem. hrs. of completing the B.A./B.Ed. or B.Sc./B.Ed. degree (i.e., 154 sem. hrs.).
  4. Students re-entering in January for the final semester before graduation must apply for graduation by the day after registration.
  5. Late applicants will be assessed a $50 late fee for forms submitted after the above-mentioned deadlines.
  6. Students applying for April graduation after January 30 of the same calendar year will not be allowed to participate in graduation exercises until the following April.
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This page contains official TWU academic program information.